Ocean Reach major phase completed

Oceans restaurant had their preview evening on Thursday. Rod, Nick and Hannah invited 90 people and a few extra, but due to the hype and excitement of this amazing venue opening they had 120 attend! The evening was a great success. Friday night was their night to ‘test the kitchen’ Hazel and myself were invited and we are thrilled with what we experienced. Nick prepared a three course meal with a choice of 4 dishes in each course. 40 people attended  and all the orders went into the kitchen at once. A new kitchen and new menu but I never doubted their capabilities. We were not disappointed. The food and service was outstanding and this completes our Vision of Ocean Reach. The restaurant opens on this coming Thursday and we plan to have grand opening of Ocean Reach in the near future. WM Constriction SW Ltd have really excelled themselves and have created what will be an award winning venue. We only have 3 houses left to sell in the first phase and will only be selling the 3 bedroom full residential house in the second phase which is due to commence next month. We are a bit short of houses purchased for rental but are confident that the remaining houses will be purchased soon with a view to receive an amazing rental revenue. We will shortly be putting a link from the Ocean Reach website to Oceans Restaurant as they will be publishing offers and news updates.