A long overdue update!

To those watchers, I have not updated as I left my iPad on the airoplane and it has all my log in details. The site is now almost complete.Ocean Reach one has its new residents who love it almost as much as we do. Rod and Nick from the Sloop have the restaurant refit under control with the furniture arriving any day. It should be open mid September. They are professional Caterers who can only complement our Ocean Reach Vision. Josh and I have nearly completed the landscaping which looks stunning if I say so myself! We have been handed over houses 1-5 with 6&7 following shortly. The project has evolved far better than anticipated and Kris and his WM Construction team have truly excelled themselves in bringing the project 4 months ahead of schedule and on budget with no stress for us. We are about to relaunch the Sale of the last few houses as now we have real photographs and can prove the success of the concept. Kris will do some drone shots next week so you can see the site at it’s near completion.